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Mobile:- +91 7888674267


What is PCD? PCD stands for Propaganda cum Distribution. In the pharmaceutical industry, PCD refers to the marketing and distribution rights granted by a pharma company. Essentially, PCD is a franchise business model where the company provides the rights to individuals or groups to market and distribute their products.

How do PCD Pharma Companies Work? PCD or pharma franchise involves authorization granted by a pharmaceutical company to individuals or groups, allowing them to conduct commercial activities such as selling and promoting the company’s products under mutually agreed terms and conditions.

What is the Difference Between PCD and Franchise? The primary difference lies in the scale of the business. PCD operates in smaller units with less area, lower investment, and no specific targets, whereas a Pharma Franchise operates on a larger scale with higher investment, a broader area of operations, and specified targets.

Innovator Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. As a leading pharma franchise company in India, Innovator Pharmaceuticals employs a unique marketing strategy that offers a lifetime stable opportunity for achievers in the field of Pharma Sales to work as franchisees. We offer the best market rates with a credit period.

We provide ample promotional materials such as Visual Aids, LBL (Leave Behind Literature), Dr. Reminder Cards, Chemist Availability Cards, POB Booking Sheets, Pens, Reminder Pads, PA (Tabs), etc., to ensure executional excellence in the marketplace.

Our team of dynamic professionals offers free guidance for effective brand launching, input utilization, distribution management, and continuous business growth to achieve monthly goals and organizational objectives.

Want to Start a Pharma Franchise Company? If you’re interested in starting a pharma franchise company, Innovator Pharmaceuticals is the right choice. Our product range includes Analgesics, Anti-inflammatory products, Antibiotics, Nutritional & Nutraceutical products, Gastrointestinal, Hepatology, Hepatitis-B & C, HIV Range, Gynecology and General Physician products, Ortho and Neurology products, among others. If the medicines or nutraceuticals you need are not listed on our website, please call or send us an inquiry. We might already be manufacturing them but haven’t updated our website. We can also develop new products if you can assure us of a sufficiently large volume. If you can sell it, we can make it!

To get a pharma franchise with Innovator Pharmaceuticals or to get more information, please fill out the pharma franchise/PCD inquiry form or contact +91 96821 95269

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